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Godot Engine


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v0.2.7 is now live!

01:30:22, 08/07/2023
Hello everyone, On Friday 07/07/2023 at 10pm UK time, the new v0.2.7 was released on Steam. This update was fairly huge, so be sure to check out the patch notes and the game itself as well! Summer has arrived and although there will be a small patch in the upcoming days, which will bring updated factories for every available player-made space stations, there won't be any game development in July. I am going for my holidays to visit my family as I am living abroad. I'll be back in August, but that month will be dedicated to updating the WoTUpedia (in-game helper) as it is already outdated and not really helpful any more. I will also focus on creating new missions in August. The game development itself will resume in September, catching up to the development roadmap for 2023. Have a nice summer everyone! Regards, Lukas Tokar