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v0.2.1 - test passed

14:07:44, 11/09/2022
Hello everyone! Yesterday, 10th Sep 2022, we have had a testing session of the new closed alpha version v0.2.1 and it finally fixed the very bad issue of the game crashing down. That's a great success for the game development as I am now able to focus on adding new features, upgrades and fixes for some other minor issues and bugs. For your information, the game will be made public for testing once there is at least a bit more of the content (e.g. missions to do) and the in-game help (called "WoTUpedia") has most of the core features explained. Also, as pointed out on the yesterday's testing session, there will be an interactive first-time in-game guide to explain the very first steps the player should take and show the player the possible long-term goals. For now, the ETA for the public alpha release of the game is set for the December of this year. I have also launched a page for WoTU game on the Steam Store! Be sure to wishlist and follow the game at [url][/url] Stay tuned as more new updates are coming! Regards, Lukas Tokar